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Date published: April 04, 2024

Partnering with growers on innovative applications for biological crop protection

Koppert is committed to continuously developing effective biological crop protection solutions for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. In addition, we are constantly striving to simplify the application of these solutions, aiming to enhance the performance of growers. To achieve this, we have a dedicated department tirelessly working on innovating new application techniques. The development process involves close collaboration with growers, ensuring that the solutions are tailored to their specific needs and challenges.

Effective spider mite control with drones

Spider mite is a serious threat for Italian ‘outdoor’ tomatoes. In total, 70.000 ha of tomatoes is grown in open fields for processing purposes. The development of aerial distribution using drones has been a key element in the open field application of Spidex.

The application of drones is not limited to Italy; their significance extends to countries such as Brazil, the USA, Canada, and South Africa, where they are used in crops like corn, soybean, mango and Macadamia. In these countries the use of drones in agriculture is crucial for growers dealing with vast acreages.


Natutec drive in hops 

Germany accounts for 69% of the total hops production in Europe, which makes protecting this crop from spider mite essential. Effective application of our biocontrol solutions to control this pest is crucial. This is where Natutec drive comes in.

The release system, that is currently in the final phase of development, can be attached to most tractors and is ideal for distributing our beneficial insects in hops. Using air, Natutec Drive, gently propels the beneficial insects evenly over the crop through tubes. The device that can be attached to existing farm equipment, ensures uniformity of distribution and accuracy for different products and densities. Its unique patented design ensures the beneficial insects suffer no harm when the blower is used.

Natutec Drive has undergone further development to ensure the efficient release of Orius in leek crops, effectively controlling thrips. Maikel, Product Manager at Koppert, expresses his satisfaction, stating: ‘We have witnessed consistently positive results in recent years, and this is a source of pride for us.’

Continuous improvement

Our global teams are consistently seeking ways to enhance the application of our solutions.
This involves an ongoing quest for improvements and exploration of new innovative solutions. Comprehensive testing and collaboration with growers are essential to ensure the effectiveness of these technologies and to make sure that they comply with specific needs and environments.

‘Our commitment extends beyond delivering high quality biocontrol solutions. We also want to provide growers with efficient and straightforward application technologies,’ says Maikel.