Quality is key at Koppert! - Swirski

At Koppert Biological Systems everything possible is done to see that products reach their destination ready to do their valuable work in the best condition possible. As Koppert´s biological products are more vulnerable than ice, this requires a complex organisation and the contribution of multiple disciplines and departments. Let’s follow the process of producing, packaging and delivering one of Koppert´s products: Swirski.


Producing quality

It all starts with the mother stock of predatory mites – a company ‘treasure’ that has been selected and reared over the years. The amount of scientific research and expertise invested in this stock is incalculable. A selection of the stock is reared in climate rooms with fully controlled and continuously monitored conditions. The mites are regularly checked for possible contamination and counts are carried out. Once the batch is approved, they are moved from the climate rooms to the packaging department. As of this moment special care is taken to keep the mites in an inactive state.


Controlled packaging and logistics

Next, the mites are packed into different size bottles or sachets; ensuring enough oxygen for the journey to the growers. The packaging machines are specifically designed to handle living organisms and are constantly examined and improved to reduce possible losses.

Logistic partners across the world are carefully selected and given very specific expedition instructions. Even the way in which the trucks are loaded is specified. Koppert does everything possible to ensure that logistics flow smoothly and climate conditions are maintained at the right levels throughout the journey. Therefore, all orders carry log tags with sensors that record temperature, humidity and CO₂ levels. To save time, Koppert has its own custom clearance zone at its headquarters in the Netherlands with personnel that is authorised by the Dutch Customs and Excise Authorities.


Checks at destination

On arrival at Koppert warehouses and distributors, the orders are checked for any signs of deviation from the high standards that Koppert sets. Log tags are read and quality checks are carried out according to strict procedures. The orders are then stored in climate control rooms or transported to the end-user in climate-controlled conditions. Professional consultants instruct growers about the application of the Swirski predatory mites in order to achieve the best results possible for their crop.