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Date published: August 24, 2023

The Koppert Outdoor Experience Centre: an innovative meeting place to discover biological crop protection solutions

Innovation and practice come together at Koppert's Outdoor Experience Centre, the agri-meeting point where sustainable crop protection solutions in outdoor crops come to life. The Outdoor Experience Centre is a collaboration with De Bruycker Agro, a fully operational 100-hectare farm specialised in both organic and conventional crop production.

We gladly welcome growers, advisors, distributors, policymakers, and other interested parties to the Outdoor Experience Centre. Together, we explore how our innovative solutions can be applied in your cultivation.

Onions, carrots, and parsnips are looking good
It's already August, the days are getting shorter, and the crops in the field at the Outdoor Experience Centre are thriving. Pest and disease pressure is well under control, and weed pressure is manageable as well. However, the wet and dark weather has led to a slower development of crops like soybeans, which prefer warmer conditions.
The parsnips, carrots, and chicory, in which Trianum-G was applied, are looking great.

Bean seed fly under control
This year, we observed high bean seed fly pressure in the onions. With a well-timed application of Capirel, our beneficial nematodes, the pressure has been significantly reduced. This has resulted in minimal damage. Natupol Booster, our well-known bumblebees, has also been introduced in the pumpkins and soybeans. Due to the wet and dark weather, natural pollinators are less active, making bumblebees even more effective. They are less selective than bees when it comes to temperature conditions.

Thrips control
We have also set up a demonstration plot, where we are controlling thrips in leeks using Orius and Lobularia. Currently we are finding a significant presence of Orius, which has kept the thrips pressure low.

This year, we are also testing biostimulants in soybeans and potatoes. We will be able to evaluate the results later this year.

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