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Date published: February 28, 2020

Webinar Fit roots for plant health

On March 17, 2020 Koppert Biological Systems and Hoogendoorn Growth Management jointly give a webinar about how to facilitate root health and condition to get the best possible plant health.

When: Tuesday March 17, 2020
Where: Online
Duration: 60 minutes
Subject: Fit roots for Plant Health
Time: 9am or 3pm (CET)
Cost: Free

What will you learn during this webinar:

  • Awareness of the importance of micro-organisms in the root zone (soil life)
  • Awareness of the importance of soil conditions (temperature, moisture content, O2, EC, pH) for the water and nutrient balance of plants
  • Insight into the mechanisms of plant health and natural resilience
  • Insight into the relationship between greenhouse climate, root conditions and soil life
  • Practical tips to improve plant health and resilience

Speakers are Ed Moerman from Koppert and Senior Researcher Jan Voogt. Ed has been working at Koppert Biological Systems in various positions, amongst others in Marketing & Sales and R&D. Currently he works as part time Executive Manager for the Koppert Foundation and is engaged in the training of stakeholders and knowledge management related to beneficial microbials and sustainable agriculture. Jan Voogt has vast experience in automatic control of both climate and irrigation in greenhouses. Over more than thirty years he has been involved in the development of hardware and software for climate control systems. From 2004 on, his special fields of interest have been the physical backgrounds of plant behavior and interaction with climate conditions based on water and energy balance.

You can register for this webinar until March 12. Click here to register for the webinar

We published a whitepaper about this topic as well. Download the whitepaper here.