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Date published: December 12, 2019

Event to raise global plant health awareness

Event to raise global plant health awareness

Taking up the challenge presented by the United Nations’ International Year of Plant Health, Koppert Biological Systems, CABI* and Wageningen University will be organizing an international event under the banner of ‘Plant Health, Agriculture & Bioscience’ at the World Forum in The Hague, from 9-11 September 2020.

The three-day event will address a number of horticultural and agricultural themes on a global scale; including threats to plant health, plant health practices and innovations, and the future of food production. Speakers and panel discussions on these themes are expected to attract experts in the field of science, agriculture, related businesses, relevant NGOs and a variety of motivators from around the world. The event is expected to draw between 800 and 900 international participants to the World Forum.

Collaboration with CABI

‘CABI and Koppert have been collaborating on many fronts for some time, and it makes perfect sense to combine our forces and common goals to organize this international event,’ says Marketing Director and board member, Peter Maes. ‘It’s a happy coincidence that CABI had already undertaken to organize the event when Koppert came into the picture. As the biggest NGO on plant health, CABI represents much of the developing world as well as being a world authority on protecting biodiversity from invasive species, while we at Koppert have the knowledge and capacity to produce sustainable solutions.’

‘We all want to move forward when it comes to plant health as this forms the basis for holistic and sustainable food production systems for the future. In order to achieve this goal, we need farmers, consumers, retailers, legislators, the authorities and NGOs to recognize and embrace this common goal that will benefit us all,’ Peter explains. ‘Our aim for the event is to inform and influence all these diverse sectors and create the necessary public awareness on how plant health can help to secure food production, reduce poverty, protect the environment, improve food supply, and boost economic development.’

More info available soon

‘Organizing this international event is an ambitious project for Koppert, and we will need everyone’s input when it comes to promoting the event worldwide and finding key speakers and panels for the presentations and discussions to raise awareness on the vital topic of plant health,’ Peter adds. ‘Let’s get the conversation going!’

*About CABI
Through knowledge sharing and research, CABI helps address issues of global concern such as improving global food security and safeguarding the environment. They do this by helping farmers grow more and lose less of what they produce, combating threats to agriculture and the environment from pests and diseases, protecting biodiversity from invasive species, and improving access to agricultural and environmental scientific knowledge. Their 49 member countries guide and influence development and research projects, scientific publishing and microbial services.