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Date published: September 01, 2016

Larvanem - The number one product against vine weevil for 25 years

You're sure to see Larvanem being used when growers have problems with vine weevils. For more than 25 years, this parasitic nematode has been the top product used to combat vine weevil. The secret to its continued success lies in its special strain of Heterorhabditis bacteriophora, which is the basis of Larvanem. The product is also completely natural and does not interfere with other beneficials.

For many growers, Larvanem is the most effective means of combating vine weevil. Of course, there are also chemical products for use against adult vine weevils, but without getting rid of the larvae, growers will continue to experience problems. This is why there is a need for a biological approach.

Larvanem was developed 25 years ago by Koppert Biological Systems, the market leader in biological plant protection. The product did its job: it effectively targeted and combated vine weevil larvae. Larvanem is now used around the world.

More dynamic, more active, more effective
'Larvanem gives you operational safety, ensuring you get the results you want,' explains consultant Rianne Lek, Koppert's specialist for the tree nursery industry in the Netherlands and abroad. 'Time and time again, research has proved that our strain is more effective than others. Our nematodes receive well-balanced nutrition during the production process, so they are larger than other nematodes. This means that they have more energy, can target larvae more accurately, and are much more effective.'

Better results
According to former product manager Rick van der Pas, Larvanem is the result of intensive research and development. 'That's how we kept on improving the growing and nutrition. Thanks to the strict checks we use in our production process, our nematodes are free of any diseases.'

Rick also highlights how effective Larvanem is. 'You get a much better result than using a chemical pesticide against adult vine weevils. And, what's more, Larvanem is a wholly natural product. It's perfect for use in biological cultivation and doesn't harm other beneficials. The vine weevil is also unable to become resistant to Larvanem. You'll see how much you benefit.'