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Date published: July 20, 2016

Pollination webinars - Increase your knowledge on securing the best pollination and always being one step ahead

Sharing knowledge is part of Koppert’s DNA and a new webinar series will help growers, distributors and consultants gain new insight and refresh their existing knowledge about bumblebee pollination in a variety of applications.

The webinars will be hosted by Remco Huvermann, Product Manager Pollination. Remco is a passionate marketer, business developer, and pollination specialist with a strong conviction for developing pollination solutions with and for clients.

‘I have been talking about my favourite subject – pollination – for more than two decades now. I enjoy sharing this knowledge and the webinars are a great way to spread the word on the effective way our bumblebees are helping growers around the world,’ says Remco.

The webinars are 30 minutes long and are delivered in an informal manner that makes the subject matter easy to absorb.

Take a look at our upcoming webinar topics here to see whether there’s a programme you’d like to register for. The webinars are in English so that they can be viewed worldwide.

We strongly recommend the sessions to Koppert consultants, sales team, distributors and customers.

Registration for each session is open now: or

Each webinar will conclude with a Q&A session; if you already have questions you would like answered in relation to the webinar topic you may submit them via email to