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Date published: September 22, 2023

End of Season at the Outdoor Experience Centre

The end of the season is approaching, and that includes the Outdoor Experience Centre, where we've been showcasing our latest biological crop protection solutions for various pests and diseases in outdoor crops over the past few months.

The Outdoor Experience Centre will reopen next season, offering you the opportunity to once again experience the latest new and innovative solutions.


The Outdoor Experience Centre is a collaboration with De Bruycker Agro, a unique and fully operational 100-hectare farm specialised in both organic and conventional crop production.
As part of its Integrated Pest Management system, the grower, Koen de Bruycker, applies Koppert's solutions.

"You find yourself on a real farm, not a testing ground," says Koen de Bruycker. "Our focus is on doing things right. We invest only in solutions that add value. After positive experiences with Koppert's products in carrots, we are now applying as many solutions as possible in our various crops. Achieving results is a priority, but we also want to contribute to Koppert's goal of bringing more green solutions to the market. For this, it's important that fellow growers, as well as partners and those close to the political sphere, experience how organic crop protection works in practice. Especially now, as more and more chemical products are being restricted, while the approval of biological solutions progresses slowly."

Latest biological crop protection solutions

In recent months, we have presented our latest crop protection solutions to growers, advisors, distributors, and policymakers. These solutions are aimed at controlling various pests and diseases, including thrips in leeks and onions with Orius and controlling Fusarium, Phytium, and Rhizoctonia in crops such as carrots and potatoes using Trianum-G. Additionally, this year, we observed a high pressure of bean seed fly in onions. With a well-timed application of Capirel, our beneficial nematodes, we were able to significantly reduce this pressure.

We look back on a successful season with many valuable visits and positive results in the field, despite the challenging start to the growing season.

Visit Us During the Bejo Open Days

Starting from September 22nd, we will officially close the Outdoor Experience Centre in Dronten. Our mobile Experience Centre will be present at the Bejo Open Days from Tuesday, September 26th, to Friday, September 29th. During this time, we are happy to discuss how we can support you in controlling diseases and pests in your crops.

From May 2024, we will welcome you back to the Outdoor Experience Centre in Dronten, where we will once again present our latest biological crop protection solutions. Keep an eye on our channels for more information. See you next year!