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Date published: December 03, 2019

Use of Swirski-Mite brings great advantages!

Swirski-Mite can be seen as a kind of insurance. You can never be sure whether you will need to deal with thrips, but you are always ready - just in case. Biological control in general also offers major advantages: advance investments result in higher productivity and better quality crops.

The damage caused by chemical plant protection is often underestimated. However, the fact is that some active ingredients - and certainly the excipients - are toxic to plants. They inhibit enzyme processes, damage the waxy layer, and can lead to visible damage such as brown discolouration. Growth analyses show that every spray treatment briefly halts the plant's development. In other words, every time you can avoid using a chemical control method, you benefit the plant. A plant that can grow well remains strong and productive.

A cleaner product

Reduced use of chemicals also means reduced residues on the product. There are legal rules governing the amount of pesticide residues that may be present on a product. These days, however, supermarkets and other buyers often go a step further than the legal requirements. They might set a requirement of much lower levels, for example, or limit the types of residues permitted. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) allows you to meet these requirements and retain your status as a valued supplier. The requirements in this area are sure to increase further in the future.

Always prepared

Besides these general advantages of IPM, Swirski-Mite also offers a number of extras. For example, the Swirskii predatory mite not only tackles thrips but also several other unwanted insects and mites at the same time. If released preventatively, Swirskii is already in the starting blocks before the problems start. You're fully prepared, both for expected infestations and unexpected intruders. In short, the use of Swirski-Mite brings great advantages!

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