Working at Koppert

What we do

Keeping the world a little cleaner by using solutions from nature itself. That is what we do at Koppert Biological Systems. To achieve this, we produce premium, sustainable products; natural solutions against plagues and diseases for use in agriculture and horticulture. These products are bred, packaged in modern production facilities, and distributed. We work closely with academic research institutes worldwide. In this way, we contribute to sustainable food production, the sustainable cultivation of ornamentals, and a cleaner environment. Koppert has more than 25 subsidiaries around the world and is active on all continents. We are proud of our position as market leader in this field and of being an international player in the biological and technological sector.

What you do

At Koppert we work together

Everyone who works at Koppert agrees: At Koppert you are regarded as an individual. Koppert has grown into an international business over the past 49 years, but despite its international character, Koppert remains a family company in which cooperation and respect for people and the environment is important. The company is developing fast, so we are keen to draw people who will play a role in its further growth. There is much room for personal input from colleagues. At Koppert we work together.

At Koppert you work with a special product

We are market leaders when it comes to biological crop protection and pollination. This means that we are continually busy developing new products. In the past few years, this has also meant looking at the situation below the ground surface. How can we optimize the conditions for soil organisms and how can we make plants stronger, by protecting the roots against diseases, for example? We also continue to find innovations for our existing products. To achieve this, we have access to the most modern resources. The advice and support of our dedicated staff make it possible to deliver a complete and sustainable product. At Koppert you work with a special product.

At Koppert you work for the future

Koppert possesses much in-house biological and technological expertise. The interesting combination of these two specialist fields always makes the work multifaceted and diversified. This is true for all departments. People who work at Koppert have specialist professional knowledge but are, at the same time, flexible enough to go beyond their areas or expertise. At head office in Berkel and Rodenrijs in the Netherlands, various professional disciples work together under one roof. Together we naturally make more progress. At Koppert you work for the future.

At Koppert you work on your career

Koppert employees have many opportunities to develop their careers. Koppert is recognized as a training company in many fields. To develop your career within the company, Koppert has developed an internal career policy. New vacancies are preferably filled internally. Koppert feels it is important that its staff continue to develop and urges its employees to make use of internal and external training and courses. Our staff makes good use of these opportunities. At Koppert you work on your career.

At Koppert you work with pleasure

Koppert is concerned about the health and welfare of its employees. Koppert also thinks that it is important that your work suits your life situation and working ability. We expect you to see your initiative in this respect. In this way, your position at Koppert is a sustainable one in which you feel at ease. At Koppert you work with pleasure.

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